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Our country house

Those who drive from the capital Kralendijk over the winding road to the beaches of Sorobon, invariably hit the brakes halfway. Somewhat hidden between the rough green of the Bonairean interior, at the end of an impressive driveway, the contours of a country house are visible. Stately and intriguing, but inviting at the same time. Once you enter, you won’t want to leave. Join us on a journey through the rooms where the muse lives. Welcome to Home Of The Muse.

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Group accomodation for hire

Home Of The Muse easily accommodates 24 guests and is therefore a unique group location, not only on Bonaire but throughout the Dutch Caribbean. From wedding to annual meeting, from film shoot to family reunion – our muse gladly shows her versatile face.

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    As long as we are not yet, you will of course not find any reviews from our guests here, but some personal statements from people who have already experiences Home Of The Muse.

    A master class not to be forgotten!

    Given by a musical lion who has a special place in the heart after this week! Cor Bakker is someone you can learn so much from that you only have to stand next to him to learn something! The experience was all fun and entertainment. I went there with a lot of questions and they were largely answered this week by Cor Bakker and JB Meijers, thanks for that!

    In short a unique experience in a unique place with unique people which made for unique memories.



    the Muse, she got me again ...

    How nice it was! Thomas Acda really took me into the world of copywriting through his clear approach and anecdotes. He responded to input from the students and we laughed a lot. Good and pleasant memories of him as a master but certainly also as a person. Great that JB was there to put the lyrics to melody. The personal approach ... so nice! From organizing an afternoon dive to getting Cornetto ice cream when there is a sudden need: you show that you respond to the needs of the group, really great! I will take this with me for the rest of my life. I wish you countless wonderful weeks at HOTM that you worked on with so much love, blood, sweat and tears. You have stolen my heart.


    Just go!

    All the expectations I had beforehand have really been far exceeded. Thomas Acda took us step by step through the writing process in the song lyric writing master class, giving me tools that will be of great use to me for the rest of my writing life. The place itself is magical, decor, the art, the wifi available all over the place. The catering is done to perfection. JB, Wanda and Jazz are the most hospitable people I've ever encountered and it's the kind of place where, as soon as you set foot across the threshold, it makes you feel right at home. Despite the different backgrounds of all the other students, through all the adventures we have had, I feel I have made friends for life.


    Full of discoveries

    A week I had not dreamed of. ``You will never meet your heroes`` : but I did! And it certainly didn't disappoint. I learned so much, did so much. Overcame fears and stood on stage with my self-written song! A week full of song writing, inspiration, wonderful people, great food and drinks, guitar playing and full of discoveries. Super thanks to Wanda and JB for this opportunity.


    This is where dreams came true!

    The atmosphere at The home of the muse is breathtaking; nothing has been spared; a 5 star resort with pool and beautifully kept rooms with everything you desire. You immediately feel at home. Thomas Acda, with wonderful stories, knew how to tell us exactly what the rules are to write a beautiful narrative song. The surroundings, the temperature, the delicious food served by huischef Mathieu, a cozy atmosphere among themselves with lots of music and wine in the evenings, provided a lot of inspiration and cooperation. JB often came to play along on his guitar, ear candy, Thomas bubbled along and told us one great story after another, what he had experienced during his career. How much we laughed! We also enjoyed our free time; snorkeling, boating, lunch, dinner and not to forget diving; as if you were swimming in a tropical aquarium. The highlight was the Friday night BBQ. There was an enthusiastic crowd; what a party! To top it off, all the participants and Thomas Acda himself played the song ``it rains sunbeams`` live. With a smile and a tear left The Home of the Muse.


    The magic of Home Of The Muse

    Where you will be hospitably received and well taken care of by Wanda and JB. We experienced magical moments during the master class by Paul de Munnik. Writing your own song and then sharing it with the rest of the participants, together with the story behind it, which led to beautiful conversations, to being touched, and to an enormous connection. In the meantime, we make a lot of music and have fun together in one of the rooms where there is always someone playing a song or an instrument. Paul de Munnik ensured that we could work on our own song in a relaxed atmosphere. I got a lot of individual attention. As I am a beginner I never thought I would finish a song in 2 days but thanks to Paul I did. Very happy with his input and feedback! And also a nice recording of it thanks to JB. And to top it all off, a closing performance where I sang my song and also sang together with Paul. An unforgettable experience! Not enough words to describe the magic!

    Ellen Smit

    Beautiful adventure

    Spending a week at Home of the Muse allowed me to feel my passion for music. ``What an inspiring place, what kind people and what a beautiful adventure I had on Bonaire.`` Together with Paul de Munnik I was allowed to write and sing a song. A dream come true. To be able to create such a personal song in such a short time felt very special to me.
    Every meal was a party and all facilities are there to fully immerse yourself in musical/creative atmospheres. Wanda and JB are for me the ultimate hostess and host. Nothing is too much, the personal approach is very nice and you have an eye for detail.
    For anyone who has even the slightest doubt .... do it, experience it. It is an enormous enrichment.

    Leonie Plomp

    Magical Place

    We had been walking around with the idea of starting a creative retreat on Bonaire for a few years. When the wheels of our car crunched over the gravel of the driveway for the first time, it was a done deal. This was where it had to happen! At this point, we are several months into the renovation. It's great to see how the mansion continues to blossom and how inspiration begins to flow from everyone who comes to take a look. It's not an empty slogan, I think that 'the muse' really lives here!

    Wanda Bommer


    When I first came through the gate of the estate, I immediately felt the serenity of the house and its surroundings. And I have since shared the Bonairean consensus: it is a special place! Such a place deserves a special idea, et voilà, Home Of The Muse was born. I hope to be able to welcome people and do beautiful and inspiring things here until the end of time.

    JB Meijers

    Unique and creative

    Before the opening I had the opportunity to take a look at Home of the Muse on Bonaire. A beautiful estate situated in nature between Kralendijk and Sorobon with 12 rooms, a large swimming pool and an outdoor theater. The entire complex was recently renovated and decorated with an eye for detail. An inspiring environment for the creative Master classes, Wanapa nights and corporate training that will be given here and a wonderful group accommodation to rent.
    Home of the Muse is a unique and creative concept from JB and Wanda and I can't wait for it to be in full operation.

    Liselore van Gorp

    An oasis of creative energy

    When you drive through the gate at Home of the Muse you immediately feel an oasis of serenity and creative energy. What a special place this is. The combination of the stately mansion with palm trees and the relaxation of the sun and the pool are the perfect ingredients to get started. It invites you to create and undertake from relaxation, in connection with yourself.



    The country house inspires you with all its grandeur, just away from ``the world``.

    Changing Place
    Changing Time
    Changing Thoughts
    Changing Future

    An experience you will not easily forget!

    John Weemaes

    Space for yourself

    Home of the Muse is more than a place on earth where you can stay. It is a little paradise on earth where you can stay. While everything you need is at your fingertips: a cool room, a lovely bed, luxurious plumbing, it is not forgotten where you are, namely on Bonaire, a Caribbean island where the warm wind blows, the sun rises and sets in ten minutes, and light and air are part of your unforgettable experience there. In Home of the Muse, life melts together perfectly. While you take a refreshing dip in the pool, hummingbirds feast on the tropical flowers and a goat meows next door. There is room for comfort and for nature, and therefore for yourself.

    Sanne Wallis de Vries

    Where creativity and learning come together

    Home of the Muse is not just another estate. Both inside and outside the creativity radiates from it. I was impressed by the design of the spaces and rooms. Gorgeous colors and design that you won't find anywhere else. The large pool is one of a kind and from the rooftop bar I had a fantastic view of Bonaire. Home of the Muse is for me the perfect place to let creativity and learning come together.

    Reinier Koning

    Breathtaking surroundings

    The surroundings of Home Of The Muse are breathtaking with many palm trees, colorful flowers and cacti. On the way there, you may run into flamingos, donkeys and goats. Once checked into the country house you can cool off in the pool and sunbathe on the sundeck. In the bar upstairs you can enjoy a cocktail and the always impressive sunset. A cozy barbecue area completes the relaxed life. The recently renovated and furnished rooms testify to taste and luxury. I am sure that the building, the library, the common areas, the garden and the open-air stage will allow everyone's creativity and inspiration to blossom.

    Ageeth van Gorp

    Where stories been made

    If you are looking for a place that is totally different from ordinary hotels or resorts, a place where stories are made, a place where you have enough space and time to do what you like during your vacation, a place that is funky but at the same time quiet: stop looking, this is it!

    Erika Sanders

    The mansion comes to live again

    It is great to be able to experience the whole process. From the renovation of the beautiful mansion to the creativity and brainstorming with the initiators Wanda and JB and all the other people involved. Over the past few months we have been able to see that every space in the mansion is coming back to life and ready to serve for everyone's creativity, talent and conviviality. We can't wait for the opening of Home Of The Muse and to welcome you along with JB and Wanda to this beautiful and very special place.

    Anique & Frederick

    A home with soul

    To transform a house into a home with soul is the mutual dream of power couple Wanda & JB. These pioneers of creativity share a new and innovative story on Bonaire with a passionate heart for hospitality. Are you in for a warm welcome in their home where artists and musicians are friends of the house? Don’t hesitate and join one of the masterclasses in this island hide-away. No doubt it will inspire you for life.

    Kim Alderden

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