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Learning Orchestra Bonaire

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Learning Orchestra Bonaire

JB Meijers can be found at the Magasina di rei in Rincon at certain times. That’s where the Bonaire Learning Orchestra practices from time to time.

JB Meijers is ambassador of the Bonaire Learning Orchestra.

Besides giving Creative Masterclass weeks he is regularly to be found at the Magasina di Rei in Rincon where the musical youth of Bonaire practice.

Music is in the blood of Bonaireans. From an early age, music has played a very important role in Bonaire’s culture.

The initiative that Leerorkest Nederland took a few years ago, and has since brought to the Caribbean islands, plays an increasingly important role in this.

The Orchestra is convinced that creative subjects such as making music together are just as important as maths, writing and reading, something that comes up in every Creative Master Class.


Many children do not have the opportunity to take music lessons and/or learn to play an instrument because of their home situation. The Leerorkest in cooperation with Home Of The Muse wants to change this and brings the “music school” into the classroom!


Leerorkest Bonaire aims to give all children on Bonaire the opportunity to learn that playing a musical instrument and making music together is a lot of fun!

It has been scientifically proven that making music together has a positive effect on the intelligence and social skills of children. This effect occurs because making music has a positive and stimulating effect on the neuronal connections in the brain. Children who make music together learn to work together, lean on each other, listen to each other, wait on each other and much more.

The more positive activities organized for children, the less likely boredom will strike. Like sports, music makes children stronger and happier.