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Creative drive with Erik Neimeijer

Corporate Training

“Creation Drive”

Erik Neimeijer

Erik Neimeijer is an artist, musician and psychologist. During this corporate training he takes participants on a journey through the creative process. What exactly is ‘inspiration’ and how can you generate it? As a pychologist he studied the creation process and found out that there are universal laws and techniques to get from a loose thought to a symphony, hollywood movie, painting or new product. Every innovation starts with creative thinking.

In addition to his work as a musician and artist, Neimeijer has not lost sight of his earliest passion, psychology. For example, he does assessments on a regular basis for assessment agency Talentem. From that experience the link between creativity and a healthy and balanced work climate became increasingly clear. In this company training course, the participants will do ‘inspirational assessments’ developed by Neimeijer, both individually and collectively.

From his own experience, Neimeijer knows how important it is to have the right rituals and habits, which he will of course mention and discuss. He also shares a wealth of insights and practical examples. From Bob Dylan and Picasso to Einstein and Steve Jobs. All this to ensure that creative thinking becomes the most natural thing in the world and that you get inspiration from the smallest things in life.

General information Corporate Trainings

Home Of The Muse

The inspiring company trainings of Home of the Muse are led by teachers whose roots are deeply rooted in creative soil. The participants stay in our Antillean style country house. Home of the Muse has twelve luxurious hotel rooms, and thus offers ample space for up to 24 guests.

On the mezzanine of the main house, under the high rafters, there is an inspiring room equipped with air conditioning, a grand piano, conference table and presentation screen. Home Of The Muse also has a cozy lobby, a large magnesium pool and a rooftop bar with sweeping views. Our open-air theater offers the opportunity to host performances or lectures on-site, and the surrounding area guarantees unforgettable drinks and dinners. Naturally, the entire estate is at the exclusive disposal of your company during your stay.

The standard length of stay for our Creative Company Trainings is a midweek, but of course this can be adapted to your wishes.


About the inspirator

Erik Neimeijer (1982) was trained as a social psychologist, and is very active as a musician and artist. He was guitarist and singer with Bökkers and with the occasional formation Lorraniville he won Edison in 2013. In addition to his music, Neimeijer is also active as a painter, taking inspiration from cobra. His work can regularly be seen at exhibitions. In July 2019 he had an exhibition at the Herman Brood Museum in Zwolle, the DAC Concepts Gallery in Greece and at Red Dot Miami, during Miami Art Basel in Florida. Despite his many activities as an artist, psychology also still holds his interest. He does assessments for a large assessment agency and gives corporate training courses which are based on creative methods.


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