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Write a song with Guus Meeuwis

Songwriting with Guus Meeuwis

for companies

During this corporate training Guus Meeuwis takes the participants into the world of Dutch song composition. Because of the open character and the “making something from nothing”, creative bumps are taken while puzzling and almost unnoticed. The participants can help each other during this week to further develop specific themes and thus create a number of songs together. An ideal form of team building.

The parallels between creating a song and creating a healthy business structure are closer together than one might think. Guus will show that each song has its own character. One can have a more or less universal view of the world or a company, but the individual human brain gives color and nuance to the basic information. And that is precisely what makes a creative process so much fun.

Making music together in a relaxed environment, taps into a new idiom which makes communication on the work floor better and clearer.

Home Of The Muse has a wide range of musical instruments and recording facilities to work with Guus on a concrete end product, an authentic song!

General information Corporate Trainings

Home Of The Muse

The inspiring company trainings of Home of the Muse are led by teachers whose roots are deeply rooted in creative soil. The participants stay in our Antillean style country house. Home of the Muse has twelve luxurious hotel rooms, and thus offers ample space for up to 24 guests.

On the mezzanine of the main house, under the high rafters, there is an inspiring room equipped with air conditioning, a grand piano, conference table and presentation screen. Home Of The Muse also has a cozy lobby, a large magnesium pool and a rooftop bar with sweeping views. Our open-air theater offers the opportunity to host performances or lectures on-site, and the surrounding area guarantees unforgettable drinks and dinners. Naturally, the entire estate is at the exclusive disposal of your company during your stay.

The standard length of stay for our Creative Company Trainings is a midweek, but of course this can be adapted to your wishes.


About Guus Meeuwis

Guus Meeuwis is one of Holland’s most famous singers. With a long line of hits and his famous “Groots” stadium concerts, it is impossible to imagine the Dutch musical landscape without him. Despite the apparent language barrier, he has also performed his music on famous international stages such as l’Olympia in Paris and the Royal Albert Hall in London – music is a universal language that connects and can be understood and spoken by everyone.

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Photo credit: Merlijn Doomerink


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