Corporate training

‘The mind is like a parachute: it doesn’t work if it’s not open’ – Frank Zappa

Creativity is the ability to create something new, to create from mental freedom something that wasn’t there before. The results are clearly visible in the art sector: the painter exhibits a painting, the musician releases an album, the writer publishes a novel. But also in business, a flexible, free spirit is a valuable asset. Those who step off the beaten path find alternative routes around obstacles and refreshing solutions to problems. A team that is aware of its own creative capabilities will be able to work resiliently and innovatively within the company.

Home of the Muse’s inspiring corporate training programs are led by instructors whose roots are deeply rooted in creative soil. Below you will find a selection of our specially tailored offerings for businesses. It is also possible to book some of our Masterclass weeks exclusively for your company. Of course you can also have a customized program made, or rent our country house with all its facilities for training or meetings. See the rental page for more information.

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    Frequently asked questions about our creative corporate retreats

    With how many people can we stay with you?

    Home Of The Muse has 12 spacious hotel rooms, giving us room for 24 guests.

    Are there meeting facilities available?

    Certainly, in the loft of the manor we have created an inspiring space with high ceiling, glass wall and air conditioning. There is a large table with 16 chairs as standard – a different arrangement offers space for more chairs. We can also provide a flip chart, a presentation screen and a beamer.

    Are there enough workstations?

    Each guest room is equipped with a desk with sufficient power points. Also the lobby and the meeting room are nice places to work. The wifi coverage is excellent everywhere.

    What does a corporate training course cost?

    This depends on so many factors that we cannot give a simple answer. Among other things, the length of stay, the number of people, the inspirational speaker and the level of care play a role. Please contact us for an offer without engagement.

    Can you put together an alternative program for us?

    Of course! In addition to the corporate training offered, we can also put together a program that is more focused on team building, relaxation or meetings. You can also rent our country house and give your own interpretation of the stay.

    What is the minimum length of stay?

    Normally we rent Home Of The Muse per week from Sunday to Sunday, but alternative periods are of course negotiable.

    Are there other guests in the house?

    No, the mansion is entirely at the exclusive disposal of your company.

    Do you take care of the catering during our stay?

    We are happy to do so! But you can also choose to cook yourself or bring your own cook, the professional catering kitchen is at your disposal, just like all the other facilities in the mansion.

    Can we also organize a company party or reception at your place during our stay?

    Home Of The Muse is ideally suited for parties and celebrations. For example, we have a rooftop bar and our own open air theater. If more than 24 guests need to be accommodated on the island we can help with that together with one of our partners.

    Are all the rooms the same?

    No, there are slight differences. For the different types of rooms please check the page our country house.

    What kind of beds do you have?

    We have fantastic box springs from Hotelbedding. By default they are made as a double bed of 180 x 200. On request we can make them as two single beds of 90 x 200.

    Can you also book flight tickets for us?

    For groups and companies, we can arrange for tickets to be booked by one of our partners.

    Do you rent cars?

    We can arrange this for you with one of our partners. The cars will be ready at the airport or at Home Of The Muse, whichever you prefer.

    What kind of power supply is there in Home Of The Muse?

    We have both 220V and 110V outlets in the rooms.