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Events on Home Of The Muse Bonaire

By July 9, 2022No Comments

Events on Home Of The Muse Bonaire

Home Of The Muse offers group accommodation and masterclass weeks as well as space for events. This unique location is ideal for weddings, family celebrations, meetings and retreats.

That Home Of The Muse is one of Bonaire’s most beautiful resorts is becoming clear by now! The island is starting to buzz, and for good reason. After months of hard work we are ready to receive guests.

Recently we had a graduation party of Forma, and that was quite a party! 60 students received their diplomas and took their friends and family with them. All this with the theme “bohemian white”. It reminded us a bit of the dance parties of Sensations (The White Edition) with the emphasis on a bit, because instead of techno beats, beautiful salsa and batchata music sounded over the terrain. Of course, this was also a great test case to check out our PA system.

Just like it happens on beautiful Bonaire!