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Mangrove forests

By April 16, 2022No Comments

Mangrove forests

If you drive from Kralendijk or Home Of The Muse in the direction of Sorobon, you won’t escape it. The mangrove forests of Bonaire. This unique ecosystem is a biotope that provides housing for many flora and fauna.

The mangrove forests of Bonaire are a unique and unfortunately worldwide threatended area. From Home Of The Muse it is a firm stone’s throw, and from the roof terrace you can observe the forests in all their glory. Between the mangrove trees you see many water courses where you can see many flamingos in the shallow parts.

But back to the trees themselves. The red and black mangrove trees found on Bonaire have a number of nice “gadgets” built in. For example, they can grow in salt water, but need fresh water to survive. Huh? They make fresh water for themselves from salt water by reverse osmosis. All this with a high-tech semi-permeable filter! In addition, pollination is done by the bats naturally occurring on Bonaire instead of butterflies or bees.

The mangrove area of Lac Cai is also called the nursery of the ocean; you can see small sharks, barracudas and other young fish here. In addition, the seagrass bottom serves as a favorite restaurant of the various species of sea turtles found on Bonaire such as the green turtle, loggerhead and hawksbill.

Visit the Mangrove Info Center and book a canoe tour and experience for yourself how amazing the mangrove forests are. Of course it is also an ideal break if you book a master class at Home Of The Muse, or book a week with your family with us!