Masterclass weeks

When you check in for a Masterclass in our country house on Bonaire, you leave the hustle and bustle of daily life literally and figuratively far behind. The main thing you have to do this week is to immerse yourself in your creative passion. All our Master Classes are led by highly successful individuals in that field.

The Masterclass weeks are the soul of Home Of The Muse. Writing, making music, singing, acting, painting, cooking, photography – all imaginable creative disciplines are accommodated. All participants stay in their own spacious hotel room, equipped with a desk and a piano. The unique location and our inspiring maestros guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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    Additional Information

    Participants normally arrive on Sunday and depart on Saturday. From Monday to Friday a total of 20 joint hours of inspiring sessions are planned. In addition, participants will work individually, but of course there will be plenty of time for relaxation. Playing a record in the lobby, reading a book next to the magnesium pool or enjoying the view from the rooftop bar are just some of the things Home Of The Muse entices you to do.

    If the topic of the Masterclass lends itself to it, a closing event can be organized on Friday evening – with or without an audience. In addition, the program provides for a sunset trip on a magnificent catamaran. Of course, all meals and transfers are included in the package.

    For more specific information per master class, click on the corresponding tile. Answers to many questions can be found in the FAQ’s, or contact us via the form below.


    Frequently asked questions about our creative masterclass weeks

    Can anyone of any level participate in the Masterclasses?

    In principle, yes. The groups are small so there is enough room for a partly individual approach. With some Masterclasses it is necessary to keep the level within a certain range. In that case we will ask for more information about the level of experience of the potential participants.

    Is there a maximum number of participants?

    Yes, the maximum number of participants per week is 15 people.

    Is there a minimum number of participants?

    For most Masterclass weeks there is a minimum number of 6 participants. This will be clearly indicated when you book a Masterclass.

    Can I participate for less than a week?

    No, in principle not. The program of the Masterclass weeks forms a balanced whole.

    Can I stay longer than one week in Home Of The Muse?

    Only if we have no other subsequent Masterclass or group rental booked. In that case we can book a room for you with one of our partners.


    Can I participate in the Master Class but stay elsewhere on the island?

    That is not the intention. The fact that you can spend a week in a creative bubble is an essential part of our concept. However, if there is a reason why you would like to do this, please let us know. Consultation is always possible.

    Do I have to bring my own instrument?

    Pianos and electronic drums are available for all participants. At the other musical masterclasses, people generally bring their own instruments. If that is a problem please let us know, in many cases we can arrange loaner instruments.

    Why is the price in dollars leading and not in euros?

    Although Bonaire is officially a ‘special municipality of the Netherlands’, payment is in dollars rather than euros. Home Of The Muse (trade name of Creative Retreat Bonaire BV) is a Bonairean company. Therefore, the currency we work with is the dollar and not the euro.

    Do I have a room to myself?

    With some masterclasses it is possible to choose for a shared room. For other masterclasses (where participants will play the piano or drums or compose in their own room, for example), we only offer packages with a private room. This is indicated per master class on the relevant page.

    Are all the rooms the same?

    No, there are small differences. Please check the different room types on the page our country house. For some room types there is a surcharge, this is indicated on the registration form for the Master Classes.

    Can I share a room with another participant?

    In some masterclasses it is indeed possible to opt for a shared room. For other masterclasses (for example, when the participants will play the piano or drums in their own room) we only offer the option of a private room. This is indicated per master class on the relevant page.

    Can I bring someone who is not participating in the Masterclasses?

    We do not encourage this. It is not conducive to the creative bubble we want to create if there are people in the mansion who are not participating in this. If you would like to bring someone anyway, please let us know. Consultation is always possible.

    Will there be other guests in the mansion?

    No, during the Masterclass weeks the country house is at the exclusive disposal of the participants.

    What kind of beds do you have?

    We have fantastic box springs from Hotelbedding. By default, they are made as a double bed of 180 x 200. On request we can make them as two single beds of 90 x 200.

    What is included in the Masterclass weeks?

    The Masterclasses of course, six nights stay in a private room, full board and a sunset trip on a beautiful catamaran. Look for an extensive overview on the page of the Masterclass you are interested in.

    Do you also rent out cars?

    We can arrange this for you with one of our partners. Your car will be ready at the airport or at Home Of The Muse, whatever you prefer.

    Can you book flight tickets for me?

    No, but we can advise and assist you if desired.

    What kind of power supply is available at Home Of The Muse?

    We have both 220V and 110V power outlets in the rooms.

    Can you drink water from the tap on Bonaire?

    Absolutely, there is excellent drinking water coming out of the tap on Bonaire. We have a refillable bottle ready for you in your refrigerator, so plastic bottles are not necessary.

    Are there any personal care items?

    Of course every room has shower gel, shampoo and hand soap. In addition, it is possible to purchase mosquito repellent and (reef-friendly!) sunscreen from us, so if you want to travel with hand luggage only, that is an option.

    Are there snakes or dangerous insects on Bonaire?

    No snakes and no deadly insects 🙂 We do see the yellow scorpion from time to time, but this species is not dangerous for humans. Its sting is similar to that of a wasp.