Rental of the country house

Home Of The Muse is a country house built in classic Antillean style. With twelve large bedrooms, several common areas, a cozy lobby, a professional catering kitchen, a spectacular rooftop bar and a generously sized magnesium pool, Home Of The Muse is a luxury group accommodation for 24 people that is unequaled not only on Bonaire but throughout the Caribbean.

The house with all its facilities is the perfect location for many purposes. Click on the buttons below for more detailed information tailored to your personal interests.


Bookings and information

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Outside the grounds of Home Of The Muse there is also plenty to do on the island. Below is a small selection of activities that we ourselves are fans of.

For years Bart has been what we call THE dive shop and school. Here you’ll find everything for the much acclaimed Bonairean underwater sport.

Bonaire East Coast Diving
Fred sails daily with his sturdy rib to the reef outside Lac Cai. Here you can do the most spectacular dives of Bonaire.

Mangazina di Rei
Here you can get a glimpse into Bonaire’s past. But as a cultural center it is much, much more!

Mangrove Center Bonaire
With a canoe and snorkel into the nursery of the ocean. This is a must-do on Bonaire!

Little Havana
Our favorite watering hole. This is the place to catch up with friends over a drink. Or watch a band.

Piedra So Golf Club
One of the most extraordinary golf clubs in the world. Located on the rugged east coast. Golfing with a Bonairean twist!

Nicole van Egmond takes you in her car to the places you would like to go. Like being shown around by a good friend.