Private rental of the mansion

One takes a luxury private villa, a high-end resort and a spectacular party venue and adds these ingredients together. Stir well and let it simmer for a while in the tropical warmth of Bonaire. Then take the lid off and voila: in front of you stands a stunning group accommodation that has no equal within the Caribbean.

Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding location, the right ambiance for a family reunion or a group accommodation for a vacation with friends or a dive group: this is where the search ends. Home Of The Muse can accommodate 24 guests. The entire estate is at your exclusive disposal during the rental period. From the cozy lobby to the large magnesium pool, from the professional catering kitchen to the rooftop bar.

Our open-air theater also offers the opportunity to host large dinners, weddings or parties on its own grounds. Home Of The Muse provides the dream setting for any special occasion.

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Download our brochure for detailed information on the private rental of Home of the Muse.



Frequently asked questions about the private rental of Home Of The Muse.

How many people can we stay with?

Home Of The Muse has 12 spacious hotel rooms, giving us room for 24 guests.  If desired, we can make the beds as 2 x single.

What is the minimum length of stay?

Normally we rent Home Of The Muse per week from Sunday to Sunday, but alternative periods are of course negotiable.

Are there other guests in the house?

No, the mansion is at the exclusive disposal of your group.

Can we have a wedding or other celebration during our stay?

Home Of The Muse is ideally suited for parties and celebrations. For example, we have a rooftop bar and our own open-air theater. If you need to accommodate more than 24 guests on the island we can help you with that together with one of our partners.

Can we also hire you as a wedding planner?

No, but we do have some excellent parties we work with.

Can you create an activity program for us?

Of course! There are hopi fun things to do on the island, we would be happy to put together a program for your group if desired.

Are all rooms the same?

No, there are small differences. Look for the different room types on the page our country house.

What does it cost to rent Home Of The Muse?

This depends on many factors, including length of stay, level of care, period of stay and time of booking. At full occupancy, the average rental price is $150 per person per night. Please contact us for a free quote.

Why do you work with dollars and not euros?

Home Of The Muse (trade name of Creative Retreat Bonaire BV) is located on Bonaire. Although Bonaire is officially a special municipality of the Netherlands, the dollar is the official currency.

Do you take care of the catering during our stay?

We will be happy to do so! But you can also choose to cook yourself, the professional kitchen is at your disposal, just like all the other facilities in the mansion.

What kind of beds do you have?

We have fantastic box springs from Hotelbedding. By default they are made as a double bed of 180 x 200. On request we can make them as two single beds of 90 x 200.

Can you also book flight tickets for us?

We do not book tickets ourselves, but we can advise and assist individuals in doing so. For groups we can arrange for one of our partners to book the tickets.

Do you rent out cars?

We can arrange this for you with one of our partners. Your car will be waiting for you at the airport or at Home Of The Muse, whatever you prefer.

What kind of power supply is there in Home Of The Muse?

We have both 220V and 110V outlets in the rooms.

Can you drink water from the tap on Bonaire?

Absolutely, there is excellent drinking water coming out of the tap on Bonaire. We have a refillable bottle ready for you in your refrigerator, so plastic bottles are not necessary.

Are there any personal care items?

Of course every room has shower gel, shampoo and hand soap. In addition, it is possible to purchase mosquito repellent and (reef-friendly!) sunscreen from us, so if you want to travel with hand luggage only, that is an option.

Are there snakes or dangerous insects on Bonaire?

There are no snakes and in the insect category there is nothing deadly 🙂 We do see the yellow scorpion from time to time, but this species is not dangerous for humans. Its sting is similar to that of a wasp.